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Farmhouse Saison

ABV: 5.6%

IBU: 13

Light, mellow and refreshing, this farmhouse saison was brewed with fresh watermelon for a fruity summer closer. As the leaves turn gold and the geese fly south, remember the good times you’ve had this summer and look forward to another year of fun, revelry, and good beer.

Brewers Notes: "The inspiration for this beer comes from 21st Amendment Brewery’s ‘Hell or High Watermelon Wheat’. During my time living in the San Francisco area, I would frequent the 21st Amendment Brewery before and after Giants games, whenever I was in the mood for some beer cheese soup or just really wanted a quality, locally brewed craft beer. During my stint working for ‘Big Beer’, 21A’s craft beers always reminded me that there is room to be innovative!" - Wally Weiss

Availability: No Longer Available

Packaging: Draft